Short Sale

Being late on your mortgage and having the bank contacting you can be very overwhelming. We know it’s not just the beginning of a foreclosure process but a very emotional experience that can debilitate you from doing what needs to be done. We know the process and we understand what you are going through. We’ve helped many people better understand what is happening to them, explain their options, and figure out what to do next. We have many years of experience when it comes to working with banks which includes a 90%+ success rate.


What is short sale?

What are my options?

Can you stop these people from harassing me?

Will a foreclosure be just as bad as a bankruptcy?

What will happen if I just let it foreclose?

Will I ever be able to buy another home?

How can you help?


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Let us answer the questions above and other questions you have. The sooner you contact us, the more options you may have and the better chances we have to help. We cannot stress enough how important this is. When it comes to loan defaults and the short sale process; timing is everything! Everyone has a different situation and we cannot guarantee that we can help until we first understand what we are dealing with. So be sure to contact us as soon as possible.