why us?

Through the years we’ve experience the ups and downs of markets and have helped navigate our clients through the tumultuous demands of the Real Estate industry. Working all over California especially in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Counties has given us a vast amount of experience compared to many of our competitors.

We are 3 seasoned Brokers/Agent all working together on your behalf and all dedicated to providing you with the best experience. We believe in getting to know what your goals are, drawing a game plan and making the process run as smooth as possible. We go out of our way and walk that extra mile to protect our clients, give them the best service and negotiate the best deals.

With over 90+ combined years of Real Estate and Mortgage experience. We have closed 100’s of transactions and have worked with 100’s of clients. Some of our Real Estate experiences have been with dealing in/with:

  • Residential (SFR (1-4 Units), Condo’s, townhouses, new home builders,)
  • Commercial Sales and Lease- Banks, churches, Land, Homecare residence.
  • Business sales (restaurant, store, )
  • Residential Income & Apartments
  • Land- Commercial and Private
  • Short Sales/REO – Directly negotiate with lenders for best results.
  • Corporate transfers
  • Foreclosures
  • Probate
  • Divorces
  • Auction sales
  • Job transfers
  • House flipping
  • Real Estate investments
  • Overseas real estate investors

With the experienced gained, we can avoid many situations and problems that others may not see. Many times we can predict scenarios and outcomes because we have been through it and have learned from it. It’s something experienced professionals have an eye for and cannot be taught but only acquired and learned from so many years in the industry. This is an advantage we provide to our clients.

With the many years of experience and constantly learning from our challenges, we have amassed a greater debt of knowledge and understanding of the industry. We have helped many of our clients close the “impossible deals” that were extremely difficult to close but with our knowledge of the industry, negotiation skills and with the help of our network of associates we were able to get the job done.

Expertise is the byproduct of our experiences and knowledge and the benefit we pass down to our new and past clients. It’s the trust and confidence that you are in good hands and working with professionals who are there to look out for your best interest from now and into the future.

Real estate is a constantly changing, ever growing and dynamic industry with new rules, laws and forms that change constantly. You need someone who understands the current/past trends, rules and potential pitfalls.

You need a company who will not only understand your situation but devise a plan to help you achieve your goals. We are here to listen, give an in-depth perspective of the real estate market, aid in solving any problems and close the deal. We work hard to make you happy so you are proud to refer us to your friends, families, neighbors and colleagues.

  • Residential

    Single Family Residences, Dwellings 1-4 units, Condo's/Townhomes, New home builders

  • Commercial Sales and Leases

    Buildings, Banks, Churches, Land, Homecare residences

  • Residential Income & Apartments

  • Business Sales

    Restaurants, Stores, etc.

  • Land

    Commercial and Private

  • Short Sales/REO

    Directly negotiate with lenders for better results

  • Corporate Transers

  • Foreclosures

  • Probate

  • Divorces

  • Job Transfer

  • House Flipping

  • Real Estate Investments

  • Overseas Real Estate Investors